You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if it isn’t getting any traffic, it is pretty much useless. So when we design a website, it fits in as part of a strategic marketing plan to attract the ideal audience. If you accept anything less, you are probably wasting your time and money so give us at call 250-833-2093.

One Design for All Platforms

When we design a website, we design it to be used in conjunction with the biggest advertising platforms on the planet. This will allow you to find highly qualified customers and re-engage with your customers to maximize the return on your advertising investment.


  • We will collaborate with you to determine the scope of your website project.
  • We will help you assess your advertising needs and include the cost of integrating your website with the advertising platforms within the initial design costs.
  • We will make sure your website is mobile friendly so that that it works with all devices.
  • We will make sure your site is search engine friendly and is targeting the proper keywords for organic searches.


We will make your website project a smooth and enjoyable process.


We will work with you to clearly
define your website objective


We will design a web development plan
with a clearly defined price


Your new website will be responsive to
work on computers, tablets and smartphones


Your new website will be deployed with
an implementation plan to avoid down time

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