Video Advertising

If we produced a video advertisement promoting your business
and placed it in front of 50,000 potential customers, would that
have a positive impact on your business?

Video Ads

  • We will collaborate with you to identify your niche market, craft the perfect advertisement and we will use a professional voice actor to deliver your marketing message.
  • We will design a campaign on the Google Video Advertising platform to geographically and demographically target the market of your choice.
  • Your video ads will be served at the beginning of requested video clips on Google’s advertising partners’ websites including youtube.
  • Your video ad will have an embedded link that will take viewers to the web page of your choice when clicked.
  • Typical campaign results are 50,000 placements, 5,000 interactions, 2,000 prospects on a remarketing list and 200 website visits.
  • Each month we will provide you wIth a detailed report so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.


In-Market Network

The In-Market Network provides you with the opportunity to target potential customers who are actively searching for a specific product or service using keyword searches. These are highly qualified customers.

Affinity Network

The Affinity Network provides you with the opportunity to place your advertisement in front of people who have recently done searches for a specific product or service. This is extremely valuable as it can take multiple exposures before a prospect converts.

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