Display Advertising

We will design three high impact display advertisements
in eight different sizes to maximize exposure on the Google display network.

What if we geographically targeted the ideal audience for your business
by placing 250,000 advertisements on their computers, tablets and smartphones
which resulted in 1,000 visits to your website? Would that have a positive
impact on your business?

Display Advertising

  • We will collaborate with you to help you identify your niche market.
  • We will design a campaign for the Google Display Network to geographically and demographically target the market of your choice.
  • Your advertisements will appear on Google’s advertising partners’ websites with a link that will take them to the specific web page of your choice when clicked.
  • Typical campaign results will range from 125,000 to 300,000 placements with 800 to 1,400 website visits.
  • Each month we will provide you with a detailed report so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Here Is What Can You Expect?

The image below was taken from our Google advertising account. We geographically and demographically targeted a specific audience and placed 291,460 advertisements on computers, tablets and smartphones which resulted in 1,213 website visits.

In our second example, we had a campaign with two different targeting parameters with a more refined target audience. We placed 148,880 advertisements on computers, tablets and smartphones which resulted in 998 website visits.

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